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Registering a forum account
13 November 2013

=NFX= New Found eXtremes

How To register a forum account:

Click on the above forum link, add your details.

The ANSWERS to the questions asked for verification are:

What year is it next year? ( 4 digits ): 2014
Are you human? ( yes or no ): yes
Colour of blood? ( 3 long ): red
What does the X in NFX stand for? (lowercase): extremes
Body part used to see with? ( plural, lowercase and 4 long ): eyes

Feel free to make posts


( =NFX= Forums )

=NFX= is growing again
12 November 2013

NFX welcomes our two newest members!

EgRoll and

We know you guys will make us proud, have fun and enjoy your stay.

Getting geared up for BF4
19 August 2013

We have a few more members new and returning to =NFX=
These are players from 2142 dayz, SC2 and DotA2

We are recruiting
15 April 2013

We are recruiting, just a heads up we are all about gaming and having fun. No obligations to play on certain days or times. Join us :)

=NFX= Is back
19 March 2013

=NFX= is back up and running, all the NFX brothers have returned home. Ready for pew pew

Crysis 2 MP anti camper feature
20 February 2011

-Dog Tags/Killstreaks: Then you have dog tags, dog tags are earned by killing enemy players, now what does collecting dog tags even do? Well, when you collect a set number of dog tags without dying, you'll be able to unlock a bonus/killstreak.

For example, if you collect 3 dog tags without dying, you can unlock the ability to scan the entire map of enemies, or if you collect 5 dog tags without dying, you'll be able to unlock a killstreak that activates an orbital laser that kills your enemies from above.

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